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"With This EZ Tutorial - Anyone Can Make An Ebook With No Previous Experience & You'll Never Need To Buy Any Expensive Software, Either!"

Dreaming about creating your own ebooks or starting your own Internet business selling information products, but several roadblocks keep getting in the way of your desires?  You came to the right place today... because I'm tearing down ALL of those barriers with a new, free information product!

Tuesday Morning 07:45 hrs
From the desk of Donna Maher

Dear Information Marketer,

Have you been thinking seriously about creating an ebook, or perhaps dreaming of making a digital family album, or even starting your own business selling YOUR ebook, but your budget keeps on saying "No" to you?

Researching all of those different PDF ebook maker products can give you a virtual headache, I know. And some of those pricetags could pay your electric bill, all by themselves.  It's simply not fair!

But, it's absolutely your lucky day today, because I'm going to give you access to a complete, fully-illustrated tutorial that took me HOURS to create, FILLED with information that you can use right away, and you get all of this fabulous expertise and help for the tiny cost of only $27 - $0 yep, that's it.  

Zero cost!
 Zip, zilch, nada.

And... no skimping on quality, and it's GOOD solid information you can sink your teeth into without spending hours on end trying to learn complicated software, and in fact, it's so good that... after you have read my in-depth, yet simple to follow e-manual tutorial, I can pretty much guarantee* that...

You will be able to actually create your first ebook
immediately after you finish studying my tutorial!

It sounds like a bold statement, but I'm that confident because I show you step-by-step, so that even newbies can figure it out.  There's nothing worse than an info-product that assumes you know how to do something that you don't know yet.

I won't do that to you, I created this tutorial from the stance that my 'student' does NOT yet know how to do any of the steps, and I take you by the hand and show you how easy it is to do every single facet of the process, especially when I show you how... with words & pictures.

This is a top-quality product I could easily sell for profit... (in fact, my mentors tell me I should SELL it) so why would I give it away??  

Because... I have a huge heart for newbies, and I want to help you!  I got tired of those high-dollar ebook maker software products that either cost too much for no more than they did, or they didn't exactly work as promised, or they 'crashed in the middle of a project'...

they have so doggoned many 'bells and whistles' that they take an encyclopedic-sized training volume just to learn how to use them.  Who has that kind of time?  I bet you don't, and I know I sure don't!

Like you, I'm also tired of the ultra-rich goo-roos that are making a 'killing' off of the newbies selling them stuff they absolutely do not need.  Nobody ever needs to buy ebook software unless they WANT to buy it for the features it has - and that's pretty bold (or pretty dumb) of me to say since one of my websites' main products is a very cool, in fact, a kick-butt multimedia exe and pdf ebook maker.  (See links at page bottom if interested)

But... to be totally honest, you do NOT need to pay some giant company big bucks in order to be able to create a top quality and password protected, secure PDF ebook!

I even made this web page with free HTML editing software!  You can do it, too, but that's actually the 'meat' for creating another tutorial entirely. (Down the road, I'm actually planning a membership site for newbies to learn the basics so be sure that you get on my notification list for that... the free section will be *very* nice and the paid private area will be so *extremely* affordable it will shock you).

Ok, about the secure PDF ebook creating business...
since that IS why you're here :o)

You can even make your ebook graphics for free using free software (although I personally prefer using my paid-for graphics software because I'm familiar with it and I love what it can do - but it's definitely not Adobe's bloated-priced, & hard for newbies to use PhotoShop™, it's RealDrawPro4™ and it's about $50 for that outstanding graphics product).  

Yes, those horrid days of 'being bamboozled by the goo-roos' are coming to an end, and living in frustrated dreams of creating your own info-products even when you don't have the funds for it yet are over, my friend.  

You will now have the power to really do it - even if you're currently on a shoestring budget.  

Today is really and truly your lucky day if you are wanting to create an ebook that you can lock with a password, choose to prevent printing, or allow printing, prevent copying (or allow it) and lots more, and you don't have anywhere from $50 - $300 to spend on fancy ebook software, then I have your answer!

And it's complete and it's totally FREE!

You can get my FREE training course: "How To Make Secure Ebooks & Info-Products Using FREE Software" and download the ebook, a fully-illustrated, in-depth tutorial and start learning and creating immediately!  The course will teach you the "how-to" information you need about the e-product creation process with resources I've tried and like using, plus where to find graphics and free graphics tools I've discovered, too.

And... there's nothing else to buy - this is a complete tutorial in and of itself... not a 'teaser' to get you to buy something high-priced that you don't want or need.  I live and market by the Golden Rule.

So, grab it now while it's FREE, before I come to my senses and start selling it!


Since no brand new ebook product is complete without quality CONTENT... and there's TONS of great content to be found by joining the free membership below!  I love it, and I'm betting that you will, too!.

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I was so very impressed with Gabor's site and I know you will be too - besides the PLRs by the hundreds, and a super affiliate program, there are simply tons of free goodies for you inside there!  In fact, there's enough free content right on the site above that you can create ebooks & info products & autoresponder messages until the cows come home!  :-))

So after you get 'armed' with my free training and Gabor's content, you will have everything you need to succeed except for the motivation, and, of course, YOU have to supply that.  :-)

Enjoy and prosper!


P.S.  If you want to leave a testimonial, say hello or ask a question, you can also leave me a text OR a voice message below - you'll love how cool the little message thingy is to use & it's free to put on your sites, too!

Once you get more confident & proficient at e-creations, you can ultimately invest in your favorite ecover creation software later on.  My favorites list is growing with these cool products as more get developed and they get 'smarter' than the one I've used for the past four years.  I will let you know in the free report I'm including what I've used, why I like them and some I'd like to try, and you can make your own choices.

Your illustrated training ebook will be delivered
very shortly after your valid email is verified...

 You don't have to worry about being on a list that will be shared with anyone OR that will drive you nuts either (ONE:  I'm too busy & too tired to write a bazillion emails   TWO:  I don't like getting a bazillion emails touting the latest-greatest whatever as I'm sure you don't either  and THREE:  I respect you and your needs and privacy. My list is purely for updates to this page/product and no more than once a month contact - and then only if it's something related to the ebook/info-product creating niche. :-)

Thank you for your business, and have a blast creating ebooks and information products, tutorials, presentations, and wherever else your imagination takes you!

Warmest regards,

Donna Maher has a huge heart for newbies!

P.S.  After I had already created my own product (the tutorial you just ordered above on this page) about making secure PDF ebooks with free software, I recently discovered and bought eWriterPro software (because it's under $10!)... and found out that it is also tons easier to use for creating PDFs.  So if you forego one greasy cheese pizza this week, you could own this cool software, too:
ewriter pro is the most affordable pdf creator on earth!

In fact, I got so excited about it that I had to create a site page for it, and I tested it by creating a secure PDF ebook (that you can view or download right on the page) using this new software, and I have to let you know that it's easy-peasy to use but still powerful software.  I just couldn't resist at the price.  I think you'll love it!!  Check out eWriterPro!
P. P. S. You can now leave me an instant voice message and a written one, too, if desired: (& click on the Welcome to EBC message in the box below to hear my personal message to you!)

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your email marketing
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Remember, your privacy is safe!

P.S.S.  If you are not yet doing any email marketing, WHY not?  Honestly, without building a list you will never succeed over the long haul.  That factoid finally got sunken into my consciousness... along with the fact that it's never too late to start.  If you need help, the best teacher I know is Jimmy Brown... a wonderful, warm, truly genuine man that I met in 2003 and have loved ever since.  He will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know for a tiny price. Build YOUR list with the best! AND you'll learn the best traffic tips on the net, while you're learning how to build your list, too.

, if you would, kindly drop me a line at my help desk and let me know how you liked the free training product here. I'll have a nice additional bonus gift for those of you that send a genuine testimonial that I can use on this page. (Plus, you'll get a highly-prized one-way backlink to your site or business.  :-)

NOTE: *The word 'guarantee' as used in that fourth paragraph's statement involves a few basics like: IF you have a computer, IF you have some kind of internet access and IF you know how to download and install software products.  Because with those basics and your own amazing mind, it's pretty much guaranteed that you have everything you need to create anything you want.  My complete, illustrated tutorial will show you precisely how to do it with free tools and you definitely won't need a college course to figure it out!

Don't forget to check out this, VERY affordable software that has a minimal learning curve - see eWriterPro - I bought it for myself, tested it, and ended up loving it! (It was a wonderfully pleasant surprise... especially at that low price!)
learn to create ebooks using free tools!

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