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IMPORTANT NOTE: This product is NOT compatible with Windows 7 so please don't download it if you have Win7 because you will only be disappointed!!

NOTE: I have stopped selling this product because people with newer computers are having too much trouble either with installation or actual usage and I prefer to have happy customers!!  So... you can read all about it below (the original sales letter) to see what it does, and then if you like how it sounds, go ahead and download it for FREE at Cnet!

ewriter pro

e-writer pro pdf converter

"The Built-In Word Processor & The
 PDF-Converter Make Creating Sharp, Secure PDF eBooks Simple As Pie" 

Write Your eBook With e-WriterPro (use your own content or PLR). Insert Your Graphics & Links. Save Your File as a PDF — Right From Within The Program! No need for any expensive, hard to use software.  Presto!  You Now Have Your Very Own Info Product!

Saturday evening, 17:45hrs
From the desk of Donna Maher:

Dear Aspiring eBook Author,

write your own PDF ebook securely and affordably riting & selling your own eBook is a great way to make money online. Now there's an easy (and VERY affordable) way to make your own information products — all from the same, convenient program.

eWriterPro is a super fine tool for Internet Marketers who make and sell eBooks or newbies that want to learn how. It puts everything you need 'under one roof'. The interface is clean, friendly and easy to use.

I made the document in the screenshot below in about 30 minutes, to give you an idea of its ease-of-use, and to tell you what I honestly think of this product.  I actually was testing the product while I wrote the ebook.

If it looks as if I'm laughing aloud in the picture below, it's because I used that photo expressly to demonstrate my true surprise at the top quality and powerful features of this product after I bought my own copy of it, and started testing and playing with it.

I even included the things I found mildly annoying (very few) and some tips that will shortcut your learning curve (re: footers & page numbering) in this short but informative ebook.

ewriterpro demonstration by Donna Maher

Click on the image above to read or download the ebook I made with this software!

eWriterPro is all about convenience. You'll be up and running in no time  and you'll produce clean, clear, crisp PDFs. That alone can add superior value to your info products business.

Sometimes an Internet Marketer has to be able to turn some income on a dime. Hitting the streets first with a hot information product gives you a big competitive advantage. eWriterPro is perfect for your desktop PC computer in your home or office or your laptop.

It is NOT created for Macintosh or Apple computers, though, only PCs... and doesn't work well (or at all for some) with Win7.

Here's a look at one of the panels inside eWriter Pro:

e-writer pro pdf

Note the functionality and the modern buttons. Inserting a footer, for example, is as easy as pie once you figure it out. So is inserting page numbers. (Be sure to read my tips on page numbers and footers in the sample ebook!)

Adding page breaks, text frames, images, hyperlinks 
— well, they're all a breeze using eWriter Pro's "Insert" tab as you see above in the graphic.

Security IS Definitely Important For Your Info-Products

You'll also have the functionality to password-secure your eBooks. The screenshot below is of a panel that permits you to add a password — a useful utility in most sales situations.  You can password protect the entire book or just use a password to prevent others from copying and using your work.  I recommend the latter, personally, just because it's annoying to a reader to have to use a password every time they open your ebook.

e-writer security

Get Started Making And Selling eBooks!

eWriterPro is definitely worth having  even if you're already an eBook professional and even if you already own several ebook compilers. It's just a cool tool all by itself.  (I own Adobe Acrobat™, DeadEasy Ebook Maker, and a few other free and paid compilers, yet I still bought eWriter Pro and I didn't regret it).

If you haven't yet entered the eBook arena, here's your chance to get the tool you'll need to create word-processing documents  and convert them to PDFs instantly

 How Many PLR packages are 'sleeping' on your hard drive... not making you a dime?

Get started down the path to making and selling information products and delivering them online automatically.  You can edit your own PLR doc files and put yourself as the author and resell those great ebooks instead of them just gathering cyberdust!

It's honestly not a steep learning curve. You can do this!

For veteran Internet Marketers, well, take a look around your hard drive. You probably have PLR content you can convert to PDFs using eWriterPro, too. 

And, of course, you can sell your own original content. Get started today, using eWriterPro.

A rather brief User Manual is also included with eWriterPro. It walks you through the basics. Play around with the program for a while. You'll emerge a Pro user in no time at all.

Here's a screenshot of the User Manual. Note that it was composed with eWriterPro.

e-writer pro manual and license

What People Are Saying About eWriter Pro ...

"eWriterPro is great for writing articles and ebooks, but what I like most is how it keeps everything organized in one place. I can sort by niche or category which is handy when you've got a bunch of different projects going. The backup feature is pretty good too."

Jeff Hiebert

At last! A simple tool that makes creating ebooks easy! Instead of fighting behemoth software with arcane commands doing who knows what (that suddenly screw up what you were doing when you accidentally hit the wrong key) -- you can create an ebook practically in the time it takes you to launch the help file of other programs.

"Add the utility of the ebook & article buttons and easy-to-find and use backup problems with a reminder - this has got to be darn close to ideal for rapid turn around of articles and ebooks."

Judy Kettenhofen

"Adding text boxes and pictures couldn't be easier. I like being able to pick up just about any format and convert it to a clean looking PDF.

I have used a lot of PDF conversion programs, even some of the free programs but somehow you always loose the formatting. With eWriterPro its simple and quick. I also love that the software keeps all of your source non PDF files in an archive to reopen and edit quickly."

Jonathan McGuire

I would suggest that you do not download it if you have Windows 7 because several people have told me that it will NOT work with that newest version of windows.  I've Vista and XP tested it and it works fine with those two... but I still prefer OpenOffice Writer for all my PDF ebook creating, anyway, it works great and is continually being updated and improved and it's always FREE!

Getting into business online is a little work, but if you take it step by step, it's not so bad.  Selling digital products can be a rewarding pursuit. Buy a domain, they are so affordable at under $9 a year!  If you can, I'd recommend that you get a .com rather than some other TLD just because people think 'dot com' before they think of 'dot net' or 'dot org', etc.

My other advice is: don't just settle for some free hosting site on the web - it usually is loaded with advertising and banners that don't allow you to look very professional. Find a trusted company to host your new website inexpensively like the one I've linked you to, they are excellent and VERY affordable, too. 

Next, you should get yourself set up with a free PayPal account. Then create your new PDF ebook product and start your online business!

Get your EWP copy today... and start creating your own information empire!  Know that I wish you the utmost success in all your businesses. (Just click the link below to get it for nothing!  I have stopped selling this product - my reasons are on the free Cnet download page.)

With my best regards,

Donna Maher

Donna Maher - Graphic Artist, Product Creation Pro, Author & Proud Grandmother  

Gainesville FL 32608 (Ph: 386.755.7874 2-5pm CST)

GET E-Writer Pro Software at CNet for FREE - CLICK HERE!

or if that link doesn't work try BrotherSoft

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